E L I Z A B E T H   U N T E R M A N
Faculty Works : Variations on a Theme : RESIDUE
December 2 – 16, 2011
Opening reception Friday Dec. 2, 5-7 pm

Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery
491 Cottekill Road
Stone Ridge, New York 12484
Hours: Monday through Friday,11 am - 3 pm, and by appointment.
Light in the Valley
Come celebrate the grand opening of Kingston's newest yoga studio, The Yoga House, and its inaugural exhibition, Light in the Valley: Photographs by Akemi Hiatt, Jennifer Morse and Elizabeth Unterman.

Saturday September 3, 6-8pm
57 Crown Street
Kingston, NY

"Light breaks where no sun shines;
Where no sea runs, the waters of the heart
Push in their tides..."
-Dylan Thomas